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Taking a foreign trip, whether for business or pleasure, necessitates substantial planning to ensure a fruitful and safe voyage. As a result, travel insurance has become a necessary aspect of any trip. It not only protects you against the possibility of unexpected medical bills, but it also protects you against other travel-related problems that could ruin your trip, such as losing your passport or checked baggage.

Travel Insured International, a firm with over 25 years of experience in the travel insurance industry, is one option to consider. Crum & Forster, a nearly 200-year-old specialist, and conventional insurance business purchased it in 2015.

Here’s what you need to know about Travel Insured International.

What does Travel Insured International offer?

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus, Worldwide Trip Protector, Worldwide Trip Protector Lite, and Travel Medical Protector are the four plans offered by Travel Insured International. Trip cancellation, trip interruption/delay, medical coverage, baggage coverage, rental car coverage, cancel-for-any-reason coverage, and numerous extra add-ons are all included in the plans.

What does it cost?

The Worldwide Trip Protector Plus plan ($216) and the Worldwide Trip Protector plan ($144).

The benefits offered by the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus ($216) and the Worldwide Trip Protector ($144) plans are nearly identical, with both offering 100 percent trip cancellation, 150 percent trip interruption, $1,000 travel delay, $1 million in medical evacuation, $100,000 in medical expenses, and a variety of other benefits.

The main difference between the two plans is that the more expensive option includes CFAR coverage as well as interruption coverage for any reason.

CFAR:- You can cancel a vacation for almost any reason and get up to 75% of your nonrefundable deposit refunded with CFAR. This is a fantastic choice for folks who have nonrefundable reservations and need the freedom to cancel on the go.

IFAR:- You can interrupt your travel for any reason as long as it’s 72 hours or more after you’ve left, according to IFAR. You can get a refund of up to 75% of your nonrefundable and unused land or sea travel plans if you use this advantage. If you decide to cut your vacation short and the reason for the interruption is not covered by the policy, this could be beneficial coverage.


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Tips to Choosing Best Travel Insurance Policy

If these two benefits are important to you, the more expensive Worldwide Trip Protector Plus package is the way to go.

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

The Worldwide Trip Protector Lite plan ($109) provides 100% trip cancellation coverage, 100% trip interruption coverage, $300 travel delay coverage, $100,000 medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, and $10,000 in medical bills and additional benefits.

This plan’s limits are lower, but if you’re solely seeking trip cancellation compensation and your medical coverage is adequate, this policy could be a good option.

The Travel Medical Protector plan

The Travel Medical Protector plan ($73.50) is primarily concerned with medical benefits, including $1 million in medical evacuation and repatriation, $50,000 in medical expenses, $150,000 in non-medical evacuation, and $5,000 in trip disruption.

If you don’t need trip cancellation coverage, this policy can be a suitable option. Additionally, if you have a premium travel card that includes trip cancellation insurance (such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve® or American Express Platinum Card®) and the limits are appropriate, a standalone medical plan may be sufficient to cover your trip.

You can upgrade specific aspects of your policy with Travel Insured International, such as cancel for business reasons, flying accident, medical, rental car damage, primary coverage, and travel benefits.

These add-ons are a wonderful way to increase coverage limits on certain items. The Worldwide Trip Protector Plus plan and the Worldwide Trip Protector plan, for example, let you double your trip delay, missed connection, luggage delay, and baggage and personal property restrictions for $35 per person.

For $24 per person, the Worldwide Trip Protector Lite plan allows you to add a cancel-for-work-reason benefit. If you select Cancel for Work Reason, you will be able to cancel a trip if it is related to your job. The reason must meet the policy’s requirements, but if this is a benefit you’d like to have, it’s helpful to know it’s possible.

What’s not covered in Travel Insured International?

Though all of the following plans provide varying degrees of coverage, they do not cover everything, including:

Being scared to travel

You can only cancel your trip for a covered cause under the policy unless you have the CFAR add-on. Because being concerned about your travels isn’t a covered reason, you’ll want to go with the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus plan if you want the most flexibility.

Baggage loss for eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or orthodontic devices

Theft of eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or orthodontic devices in checked luggage is not covered. Because a Travel Insured International coverage will not cover these items, keep them with you in a carry-on or backpack.

Certain events

Exclusions not normally covered by insurers will also not be covered here. Self-harm, war, participating in dangerous activities (e.g., skydiving), committing a felony or getting into an accident while intoxicated are all examples of occurrences. You’ll need to read the policy’s tiny print to figure out what’s covered and what isn’t.

Who should get a Travel Insured International policy?

If you’re planning a big overseas trip and don’t have a premium travel credit card with enough limits, Travel Insured International insurance coverage could be a smart option.

The CFAR and IFAR plans are excellent choices for those who seek complete flexibility, especially since these coverages can be added on an as-needed basis. The Worldwide Trip Protector Lite plan is a fantastic alternative if you want fewer advantages and lower restrictions. The Travel Medical Protector plan is an option for those looking for medical coverage.
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