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Even though renters insurance might protect you when renting an apartment or a home, many renters do not have it. Although renters insurance is affordable, 45 percent of renters do not have it, according to a survey. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average yearly renter’s insurance premium is only $180.

We have done complete research on the best renters insurance companies of 2021. To select the top firms, we looked at price, coverage requirements and limits, customer service, and claims processing.

Our Top Picks for The Best Renters Insurance are below:

State Farm

  1. State Farm

State Farm provides nationwide renters insurance at competitive prices with flexible policy options. The company provides many offers and discounts for installing home security systems. Because of its financial soundness and ability to pay claims, this insurer has received an A++ rating from AM Best and an AA rating from S&P Global Ratings. State Farm’s renter’s insurance covers a wide range of losses and provides loss of use if the property is uninhabitable after a loss.

Renters insurance from State Farm covers a wide range of losses and pays loss of use if the property is uninhabitable following a loss. Moreover, it does not include property damage, flooding-related water damage, and damage caused by earthquakes, landslides, settling, deterioration, and animal activity.

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  1. MetLife

Renters insurance is also offered by MetLife, a well-known national brand. Basic insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing property up to its actual cash value. Speciality products, including electronics, musical instruments, luxury items, and sports equipment, can be insured for up to $15,000 with additional coverage.

MetLife renters insurance is available in all 50 states and includes $100,000 in liability coverage as standard. Certain companies and membership organizations offer discounts on premiums, which can help you save money. Multipolicy discounts might also help you save money.

MetLife provides customer service seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You’ll need to contact a MetLife representative rather than getting an immediate quotation online if you want to get a quote.

American Family Insurance logo

  1. American Family Insurance

Renters can get reasonable coverage from American Family Insurance that covers their personal belongings, medical bills, liability, replacement costs for stolen items, and hotel accommodations if they are unable to stay in their rental house due to a covered occurrence. Medical insurance for pets, jewellery coverage up to $1,500, and coverage for a residence off the grid are all available as add-ons.

Medical insurance for dogs is available as an add-on, as is jewellery coverage up to $1,500. You can also incorporate coverage for a home office or home business space.

Multipolicy discounts, smart home discounts, and autopay savings are just a few of the ways to save money on renters insurance. Bundling your renter’s insurance with your auto insurance might save you up to 15%, which is equal to what other companies offer in terms of discounts. As long as you keep your deductible coverage low, you can lower your deductible. Decreased deductible coverage can help you save money on renters insurance by lowering your deductible as long as you keep your policy active.

Farmers Insurance Group logo

  1. Farmers

According to J.D. Power, farmers rank near the top in terms of claim satisfaction. 5 Standard renters insurance policies are available, with savings available for installing home security systems and being a nonsmoker. Personal responsibility, personal property, personal property replacement costs, medical payments, identity theft, and additional living expenses are all covered. Policyholders can get easy access to their information. A renters policy can be simply combined with auto, personal articles, and life insurance.

You may receive a quotation online, and if you have a covered loss, you can also file a claim online. Farmers has an A+ rating from AM Best, indicating its financial soundness and ability to operate. If you have concerns about your insurance or need assistance filing a claim, customer support is available seven days a week.

nationwide insurance

  1. Nationwide

Personal property, loss of use, personal liability, medical payments to others, building additions and changes, and unauthorized credit card purchases are all covered by Nationwide’s basic renter’s insurance. You can also add on coverage for valuables and collectables, earthquakes, water damage, and theft protection for personal belongings that are stored in a vehicle, trailer, or watercraft.

Discounts are available if you have multiple Nationwide insurance policies or if your home is equipped with safety features such as smoke alarms or a burglar alarm system. You can also obtain a discount if you don’t make any claims on your coverage. The On Your Side Assessment is an extra benefit that allows you to get a tailored review of your insurance to verify that you have the correct coverage.

Nationwide takes first place in this category because it instantly covers your collectables, such as cutlery, watches, and furs. Optional coverage for securities, such as stamps and deed documents, is also available.

Screenshot 1 e1624600792437

  1. Toggle

Toggle can assist you in protecting your personal and company property if you run a business or side hustle. Basic, Standard, and Premium renters insurance policies are available in three subscription levels. Toggle’s renter’s insurance protects you no matter where you are, so whether you’re a digital nomad who travels for work or runs a business from your living room, you’ll be covered for covered incidents like losing your laptop in an airport or being mugged while abroad. You can also purchase additional coverage for your pets or identity theft. If you don’t file a claim during the year you’re insured, Toggle will reduce your premium.

Toggle takes first place in its category for providing the most complete coverage for home-based entrepreneurs and digital nomads. If you’re running a home business or side gig and you want to make sure things like computers, cameras, or other business equipment and supplies are protected, this is the best insurance for you.

liberty mutual insurance e1624600963697


  1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is an insurance provider that focuses on delivering on its promise by making it simple to file a claim online using a step-by-step process that asks for incident details and images. It also has low renters insurance rates, with reductions available when you bundle coverage or go five years without filing a claim. Liability is included in most policies. Liability coverage, personal property coverage, medical payments coverage, and additional living expenses coverage are all included in standard policies.

If you require additional coverage, you can purchase coverage for personal property replacement costs, jewels, or earthquake damage. Quotes are available online, and the organization operates in all 50 states, ensuring that you are insured regardless of where you rent. Claims can be filed online or through the Liberty Mutual mobile app at any time, and it only takes five to ten minutes to get your claim started.

Claims can be filed online or through the Liberty Mutual mobile app at any time, and it only takes five to ten minutes to get your claim started.


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