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There are a lot of auto insurance companies that provide auto covers. Different people have different car insurance needs.

For instance, you cannot compare the auto insurance needs of a truck owner to those of an SUV owner. You need to get a cover from an insurance company that will adequately cater to your insurance needs.

For all drivers around the world, auto insurance is mandatory.

But prices can differ, not only from one province to the next (although Quebec appears to have the cheapest choices for those interested, whereas British Colombia has the most costly) but also within each province itself.

There are hundreds of auto insurance companies in Canada, each using its marketing expertise to persuade you that they are the right choice.

But, how do you make sure that you get the best deals for insurance?

So, which are the best auto insurance companies in 2020?

We’ve built this article to help compare some of the country’s best auto insurance providers to make the insurance buying process a little less complicated.

We’ve explored and picked out four companies that we felt offered the best services.

Finding the best Auto insurance company for you

 1. Allstate Auto Insurance


Allstate is an insurance company that has been in the business since 1931. It is among the first car insurance companies in Ontario.

Since 1953, the Allstate Insurance Corporation of Canada has been providing Canadians with insurance coverage products.

The business has developed its credibility around its advertisement campaign for “good hands” that gives peace of mind in all insurance areas.

The company has impressive car insurance packages, and it is one of the most pocket-friendly insurance cover providers. Among its most popular products is the car and property insurance package.

The company also allows you to insure multiple vehicles under one cover. Allstate will offer you impressive discounts if you make an effort to safeguard your car.

For instance, you will get discounts if you install anti-theft systems in your vehicle. There are many other impressive aspects of Allstate insurance covers.

Company Overview

The parent company of Allstate Canada, The Allstate Corporation, was founded in 1931 and is the second-largest insurer of personal lines in the US.

Allstate Canada has increased its coverage choices over the years and continues to develop discount lists that help reduce insurance premiums.

Canadians turn to Allstate for

  • It offers a wide range of discounts for essential coverage products such as car and property insurance.
  • Access to specialty products such as group insurance to help keep costs down

Allstate Canada is known for its varied underwriting staff who can write policies for any situation.

To help provide quality products to all of its clients, the organization relies heavily on its network of brokers.

Allstate Canada’s Advantages

Being a company that is part of an international corporation, Allstate offers many advantages. Allstate Canada is a comprehensive auto and home insurance provider in Ontario, capable of providing a wide range of coverage options.

Truth in Advertising

Allstate Canada has customer service recognition awards that prove that it cares for its customers, including its position as one of Canada’s larger insurance firms.

The policy of “good hands” to provide for every customer permeates all the company and gives peace of mind to consumers.

Allstate Car Insurance Discounts

For almost every form of insurance the firm offers, Allstate Canada has built an impressive variety of discount programs.

Although the best known are the car and home insurance plans, the company also provides discounts for boating insurance clients.

Customers can talk with their broker about benefiting from one or more of the many cost-saving opportunities provided through Allstate Canada.

Allstate Car Insurance Transparency

Allstate Canada is one of the few insurance providers that provide consumers with robust complaint resolution solutions for every case.

The company’s website contains all of the telephone numbers consumers will like to address problems, also enabling customers to go as far as the Ombudsman.

Types of Allstate Auto Insurance

The business is known for its wide variety of auto insurance products that extend to just about every form of car. Vehicles covered are as follows:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Motor homes

2. Aviva Auto Insurance

Aviva Auto Insurance

Aviva is another one of the most popular insurance companies in Canada. The company covers more than three million people in different capacities.

Aviva Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aviva plc, one of the world’s largest property and car insurance companies, headquartered in the United Kingdom, whose origins date back to 1696.

Company Overview

Aviva Canada is one of Canada’s largest general insurers, providing over 3 million consumers around the country with the home, car, specialty, and company insurance.

The origins of Aviva in Canada can be traced back to incorporating the Canada Accident Assurance Company in 1835, followed in 1906 by the General Accident Assurance Company of Canada.

They have many types of insurance coverage, including several exciting auto insurance plans. The company provides impressive benefits and discounts to various auto insurance policyholders.

Individuals are offered discounts when they have gone three years without a conviction, installed emergency braking systems, and retired persons.

People who purchase multiple insurance policies from the company get impressive discounts as well.

Aviva Canada’s Car Insurance Advantages

Aviva Canada makes it easier than most other businesses in the industry to discover, pay for, and use insurance.

The company has an extensive social media presence, which means quickly answering customer questions.

As a large insurer, Aviva Canada has the financial ability to offer consumers options that smaller insurers cannot.

For example, for the company’s auto insurance products, there is a disappearing deductible policy that is popular with consumers worldwide. Other benefits of insurance through Aviva Canada include:

Extensive Customer Support

Aviva Canada excels at many customer service levels, including a streamlined claims process, operators available 24 hours a day to answer questions, and a comprehensive library of customer information that teaches insurance basics to consumers.

Vast Financial Resources

In 16 nations worldwide, the Aviva group of companies has 29 million customers.

This kind of success creates an immense financial capital pool that can be used to innovate new goods and provide alternatives for coverage that other businesses cannot offer.

A strong economic base enables Aviva Canada to tailor customer strategies and deliver premiums that can suit any client’s budget.

3. Belairdirect Auto Insurance

Belairdirect Auto Insurance

Belairdirect, founded in 1955 and an offshoot of Intact Financial Group, provides consumers directly with home and car insurance solutions. It was started in Ontario, Quebec.

The company operates all over Canada, and it is recognized as the very first Canadian Insurance company to provide an online quote. They provide innovative covers and stellar services for all their clients.

Belairdirect is known to have some of the most affordable auto insurance covers. If you bundle your home and car insurance, Belairdirect is going to offer you very impressive discounts.

Your safe driving record will also ensure your insurance premiums are quite affordable.

It became the first North American insurer to give quotes for car insurance online in 1997.

Company Overview

The company has vast experience in the field and makes use of new technologies.

Being a provider of low-cost insurance that focuses on providing holistic solutions for each customer

Having a website that serves as a powerful platform for consumers to access data and take action on their behalf

Belairdirect Car Insurance Advantages

Technological Innovations

The business has become known for its clear sense of innovation and its insistence that every part of account management is accessed online by customers.

Dedication to Solutions

Elairdirect loves gaining business through hard work and making creative ideas for insurance.

4. Canadian Auto Association (CAA) Auto Insurance

(CAA) Auto Insurance

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) was established in 1913 to provide thousands of Canadians with roadside assistance and auto-care services.

Since then, it has expanded to offer many options for auto insurance, including third-party liability, comprehensive coverage, and crash coverage.

CAA stated its operations in 1974, and it has managed to amass a client base of over six million people.

The company offers incredible auto insurance solutions and unbelievable discounts to all its clients. You will attract discounts if you hold multiple policies with the company.

You can also participate in the CAA Connect program to attract some discounts.

Company Overview

A standard CAA insurance policy gives you protection from liability, medical bills, and uninsured drivers.

CAA provides a range of other insurance options for individuals and general auto coverage and unique plans for antique and vintage vehicles.

A safe driving record will also ensure you do not pay expensive premiums. CAA will provide you with a small electronic device that you’ll attach somewhere in your car.

The device monitors the drivers’ driving habits. CAA also has an exciting forgive and forget the plan, where drivers are given forgiveness after their first accident where they were at fault.

In simple terms, CAA is one of the most technologically advanced insurance providers.

CAA Insurance Advantages

Full Lines Of Personal Insurance

There are plenty of options and membership opportunities within each insurance line. There is a very impressive insurance offering from CAA Insurance, which offers clients many options to choose from.

Insurance the CAA Way

What makes it unique to CAA Insurance?

For over 100 years, CAA has been concentrating on customer care and supporting CAA members, and it was a perfect fit to start an insurance business in 1974.

What types of car insurance are required?

It can be frustrating for customers to shop for auto insurance – there are many choices available for car owners and just as many rates to match.

Understanding what can be covered by each form of coverage and its costs can give you comfort and save you money.

Here are several tips to make the process simpler and easier to find the best car insurance.

1. Liability Insurance

Liability is the only compulsory insurance coverage on cars. This insurance protects others from damage that might be done by a driver while operating a vehicle. This covers all damages, including accident, death, and damage to property.

2. Accident benefits/bodily injury insurance

Accident benefits cover the cost of your medical expenses and loss of income when you’re in a car accident.

3. Collision Insurance

When you hit another vehicle or object, collision insurance covers the expense of fixing or replacing your car.

Often this is included in the mandatory insurance policy.

It is a costly aspect of any insurance package, and collision insurance varies depending on the vehicle, driver, and several other variables.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

The risk of fixing or replacing your vehicle due to other forms of damage or failure is protected by comprehensive insurance. This can involve:

  • Vandalism
  • Damage to your windshield
  • Theft

If you hit another vehicle or object in a crash, comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover loss or harm to your car.

What car insurance discounts should I look for?

No matter where in Canada you live, basic auto insurance is a required cost if you choose to drive. And while you may not be able to get out of it, you have some leverage over how much you’re going to pay.

Here are six auto insurance discounts to watch out for in 2021.

1. Driving school certificate insurance discount

Your auto insurance provider could give you a lower rate if you complete a driver training or education program.

2. Winter tire insurance discount

It’s not just a responsible choice to outfit your car with winter tires, and it’s one that might save you cash on your auto insurance premiums.

In Ontario, for example, in 2016, the Ontario government made it compulsory for car insurance providers to give drivers a 5% discount on their premiums if they install winter tires.

3. Young drivers insurance discount

You will be eligible for subsidized insurance if you have completed the Young Drivers of Canada scheme.

4. Bundling insurance discount

A perfect way to save is to merge multiple insurance policies with one insurance supplier. If you buy car insurance and home insurance from the same firm, for example, you’re guaranteed to get a discount.

5. ICBC insurance discount

You may be eligible for discounts from the Insurance Company of British Columbia if you are in the province of British Columbia, where the government administers auto insurance (ICBC).

6. Senior car insurance discount

You may be able to secure a 5 percent to 15 percent discount on your car insurance premium for your accident benefits coverage if you are retired and live in Ontario.

What’s the best car insurance company for reasonable rates?

Just ensure that you thoroughly compare quotes and make the best-informed decision before committing to your car insurance policy.

When comparing quotations, there are quite a few things to bear in mind:

Do Some Serious Shopping

Understand what is provided by each insurance company. The cheapest option might not be the best option for you, so make sure your insurance policy protects you. Check the premiums, deductibles, and other costs and conditions. Read feedback, get friends’ suggestions, and ask all of the questions you have.

Consider Your Coverage

Consider what sort of coverage you need. If your car is a little older, for example, you do not need full range, although you may want complete coverage for a family car.

Take Advantage of Family Packages

When you, your partner, and even your children all sign up together or insure more than one vehicle, individual auto insurance companies will charge less. This will lower premiums dramatically and make the insurance policy more manageable. Ask about it when shopping to see which deal is worth the most.

Belairdirect is the best choice for Uber drivers. It collaborated with Lyft Canada to provide ride-sharing insurance for drivers and passengers who use Lyft ride-sharing services in Ontario. In that case, Aviva Canada is ideal for Lyft drivers and other car insurers.


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