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Is My Car Insurance Covered in Other Countries?

Is My Car Insurance Covered in Other Countries?

Car insurance is a necessity of any driver in any country. Many people often wonder whether their auto insurance plan would cover them while they are driving in a different country. Driving abroad would undoubtedly be an exciting experience. You need to ensure you have complied with all the necessary regulations before you get on the road in a foreign country, though. One of these regulations is having and insurance cover. The question is, will your insurance cover back at home still cover you in a foreign country. It depends on which country you are in, but in most cases, it does not.

The most common or demanded types of car insurance are third party cover and personal accident cover.

Third-Party Cover in A Foreign

Almost every country you visit will require you to get a third party cover from that country. The third-party insurance coverage covers any third party person or car that might get injured or damaged if you cause an accident. It does not cover the vehicle you are driving; neither does it cover you in the unfortunate event that you are injured. Many countries have made it mandatory for a foreigner to buy third party insurance to ensure third parties have somewhere to claim compensation even if the foreigner causes an accident and goes back home.

In most cases, you will have to rent a car if you want to drive in a foreign country. Third-party insurance covers will always be available at the car rental company. The cost varies from one country to another, but it is usually not too expensive. Aspects such as your driving experience, driving history, and the type of care you are driving will determine how much you have to pay for the insurance cover.

Personal Accident Cover

The own accident cover covers damaged to your car and any injuries that you might suffer if you are involved in an accident. Different countries around the world have different policies about personal accident covers. There are countries in which you’ll still be eligible for protection by your cover back at home, and there are some countries in which your coverage won’t be available. For instance, your accident cover from Canada will cover you while you are driving in the USA, but it will not cover you while you are driving in Europe.

You need to consult with your insurance cover provider before you go abroad, to get a better understanding of how much coverage you will have while driving abroad. In some instances, you may still have the cover but with limited benefits.

As mentioned at the beginning, you have to comply with all the regulations of the country you are driving in, for you to be eligible for compensation from your covers in case anything unfortunate happens. Driving abroad will require that you have an International Driving License (IDL). Different countries have different regulations concerning IDL. You have to go through the relevant authorities of your host country for you to be allowed to drive on their roads.


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