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Travel insurance is a necessity for anyone traveling abroad. Nowadays, countries are requiring foreign nationals to have travel insurance before they can give them entry. Travel insurance covers you against any unforeseen risks that you might suffer while you are abroad.

So, what are the specific risks that you are covered against when you get travel insurance?

Travel insurance plans are different. The specific risks that people are covered against depending on the specifics of your insurance plan. There are some fundamental aspects of travel insurance, though. These are some of the most common covers you will find on any insurance plan.

Here are some of the covers you can include in your travel insurance plan.

Medical Emergency

This is arguably the most crucial cover in any insurance plan. You never know what you could run into while traveling abroad. You could contract a disease or get in an accident and require immediate medical attention. Medical services can be quite expensive. You might also need to be evacuated, which might be very expensive. An insurance cover against medical emergencies will cushion you from some of these costs, and ensure you do not have to dig too much into your pockets. Imagine what you’d go through if such unfortunate events occurred, and you do not have any money.

Of course, nobody would hope to be in any unfortunate event. However, these emergencies can happen, and you need to be prepared to deal with them.

Baggage Loss

Baggage loss cover is critical while you are traveling with valuables. Losing baggage can be very inconvenient. Picture this; You are on a work trip, and you lose your phone or computer. Not only will you have lost the value of those items, but you might lose a lot in terms of business or work. Baggage loss cover is meant to cushion you against any such losses. Depending on the specifics of your protection, you might be compensated for the value of the items you’ve lost, or you be paid for the entire monetary loss that occurs as a result of losing your baggage.

Trip Cancelation or Delay

Your trip might get canceled or delayed, and it might cause you inconveniences and losses. This type of insurance cover compensates you for any money you might have spent preparing for the trip, such as plane tickets. The cover can also pay you for any monetary loss that you suffer as a result of trip cancellation. For instance, if you were to travel for business and your trip is canceled, and you lose money. As a result, the cover might compensate you for the loss.

There is a lot that travel insurance can cover you against. You get to pick the various risks that you want to be covered against while applying for the insurance cover. Insurance companies are getting quite creative, and they are coming up with innovative covers for travelers. Today, you can get an insurance cover for literary anything so long as you can afford to be the premium.


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