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The best health insurance plans come from the best insurance companies. Most people have a difficult time sorting through multiple options given to them by their employers. Others may need Medicare or private health insurance policies. To know the most appropriate health policies for you, first, enter your zip code and other related information on the website of the company that you choose.

By doing this, you will be directed to policies that are available in that region based on the circumstances; this will enable you to compare pharmacy choices, hospital or local physician. Through the website, you will also get to know your co-insurance, deductibles, and premium price.

Health Insurance

Best Plan for Medicare Advantage

The Aetna Medicare Advantage is sold in 37 states in the US According to the recent study Aetna Medicare Advantage is currently available in 264 counties in the country. This way, millions of beneficiaries can access quality Medicare service through the Aetna plan.

This company sells Medicare prescription drugs and supplemental plans in D. C and 48 States.

Best for Nationwide Coverage.

The blue shield or blue Cross offers health insurance covers to most people in the US. The blue shield offers Medicare plans, employer insurance, government Healthcare, and individual policies. The blues are known to provide in-depth customer satisfaction.

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Best for Global Coverage

Cigna Health Insurance is the leading international coverage. It is also known to sell products through Expatriate insurance. It is a global Health insurance service company serving over 95 million people globally.

They have access to 5 million medical professionals and doctors who have access to over 200 countries. The Cigna plan is the top-rated in NCQA. It has the least customer complaints putting it among the top health insurance plans with excellent customer satisfaction.

Best for Umbrella Coverage

Health insurance policies are yet to cover expenses such as contacts and eyeglasses, prescription drugs, dental exams, appliances, and crowns. A plan provided by Humana sells such privacy policies.

Humana provides unique need covers for people with disabling chronic illnesses. It is rated as the best at giving speciality and Primary Care.

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Mental Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance

Best HMOs

This is a plan by a nonprofit insurer. It is a good plan for those on a budget but wants access to a reliable health insurance plan. The Kaiser Health plan, which is a health foundation, operates across eight states.

It is a Medicare Advantage plan. HMO premiums tend to be low; this also applies to the treatment of acute and other chronic health conditions. The only disadvantage is that you only use hospitals, doctors, and other services that are within that network.

Despite this, the Kaiser plan provides all essential goods. Most patients have received immunization, screening, and preventive services such as family planning.

Best for Tech Savvy.

The United services are providing services after realizing that most people go online to shop for healthcare. The healthcare they provide is consumer-driven. They have wearable technology that monitors a patient’s glucose level and smart monitors for babies. The premiums paid are quite high.


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