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One of the first things you’ll undoubtedly want to do when you move to the United States is buy a car, which means you’ll need auto insurance. When shopping for American vehicle insurance policies as an immigrant, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

Recent immigrants are considered “new drivers” by car insurance companies. This is because an immigrant does not yet have a U.S. driving record or credit score, which insurers use to decide your premiums. Unfortunately, this may result in you having to pay extra for vehicle insurance.

But don’t let that hold you back. We will assist immigrants in finding fantastic insurance rates, allowing them to go on the road safely and economically.


Best Car Insurance Companies for Immigrants to the United States

If you want to drive in the United States, you’ll need car insurance. As an immigrant navigating the sometimes confusing world of American auto insurance, you’ll want to deal with a business that specializes in offering coverage to immigrants.

Farmers Insurance Group logo


Farmers is one company that sticks out. For immigrant drivers, this nationwide service has some of the best rates. To top it off, its safe driving and driver training discounts make it simple for newcomers to the country to demonstrate their driving skills while cutting their rates.


Another company to keep in mind is Kemper. It distinguishes out since it offers affordable rates in several crucial states. For example, states like California and New Mexico allow residents to apply for driver’s licenses in the United States regardless of their legal status, making it easier for undocumented immigrants to get behind the wheel. Kemper offers reduced rates in a number of those states. As a result, after a driver obtains their driver’s license, they should turn to Kemper for reasonable, dependable insurance.

Drivers should opt for auto insurance firms with strong financial ratings in general. A.M. Best, an institution that rates the credit of different companies in the insurance market, has given top grades to trusted national suppliers like State Farm and Allstate.

Allstate Car Insurance


Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes for Recent Immigrants

When shopping for vehicle insurance, you’ll discover that some businesses are ready to give cheap prices to individuals who are unfamiliar with American roads. You’ll find a couple of these companies listed below, each with competitive pricing for recent immigrants.


Insurance Company Lowest Rate

Farmers                       $38/month

First Chicago              $38/month

Kemper                       $38/month

Bristol West               $40/month

Dairyland                   $42/month


Most Expensive Auto Insurance Quotes for Recent Immigrants

Not all vehicle insurance firms provide excellent rates to newcomers to the United States. Below are a few of the most expensive insurance estimates for recent immigrants from a few different insurance companies.


Insurance Company Lowest Rate

Arrowhead                  $323/month

Plymouth Rock            $144/month

Aggressive                   $119/month

National General         $100/month

Freedom National        $92/month



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